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Designing Workshops that Transform

Whether you are designing a workshop for 1 hour or 1 day, this lab is for coaches, therapists, speakers, influencers and transformational leaders. We will design a workshop that begins with the transformation you have in mind for your participants. I will be sharing my super effective Transformational Workshop Template with you. Once you use it to design one, future workshops highlighting your content will flow out of you with ease.

Jumpstart 2019 with a workshop on your calendar to lead and show off what you have to offer the world. Speakers get speaking leads from workshops, coaches get the exact right clients to work with in the future, leaders get to inspire and promote their message.

Busting Your Comfort Zones

I recently gave a talk on this topic at the DreamBank and the response that I got was incredible! However, I do not believe in the one-and-done mentality, so I wanted to offer this deeper dive into your own comfort zones and how to but them. We will explore the benefits of comfort, as well as the growth potential of operating in your Optimal Zone, about 15% outside of your comfort. Also, we will take a look at Danger Zones and know what your own personal boundaries are, in order to avoid decision paralyses, old ways of coping and overwhelm.

This Lab is for anyone who desires to create growth in 2019, say YES to new things, take a chance on a dream and reignite passions and purpose in your life!

And these three videos:

Blogging 101

Finding the Sweet Spot in Your Story

Designing Your Opt-In Gift

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Developing Your Signature Talk

Speaking is one of the top ways to get your message out there, turn strangers into clients and inspire others. I use speaking to develop my content, meet new and exciting connections and develop a platform in order to empower others. If you desire to become or grow your speaking platform in 2019, this lab is perfect. I will share my personal Empowered Speaker Template with you. In this lab, you will:

  • Begin your talk with your message in mind

  • Grab your audience right from the start

  • Cultivate the one personal story that makes your talk shine

  • Teach your tools and techniques in a meaningful and manageable way

BONUS: Because I love to be generous! Participants have 30 days to send me a 20-30 minute video to critique and give you valuable feedback! xoxo

Testimonial from Past Monday Mini-Lab Participants:

"I have facilitated workshops, programs and trainings for over 20 years in my career and Christie's mini-labs offered many great take-aways.  I left a better presenter than when I arrived."  

~Melissa Blettner, CEO of Dream Big Academy and Leader of FemCity Madison, (participant in Designing a Signature Talk, Creating a Program that Sells, and Creating a Workshop that Transforms)

"Christie really helped me clarify my goals while creating my program and workshop.  She helped me focus on the specifics of my courses and promoted collaboration with the other women in my Mini-Lab."

~Participant in Designing a Signature Talk, Creating a Program that Sells, and Creating a Workshop that Transforms

"This (Mini-Lab) enabled me to get focused on a way to create a team building event.  I loved the accountability and friendships created"

~Sue-z Schwab, WorldVentures