Do you take a regular inventory of your life?

Every Sunday, I have a reset day. 

It is a day that I evaluate my previous week and a day I create and commit to my intentions for the next week.  Intentions like:

  • Deepening my connections with others

  • Focus on coaching 5 new women 

  • Clarity in my budget and my spending and savings plan

  • Increase water intake

  • Create something artsy this week

  • Organize my desktop

And more.  The list is different each week, about 3 areas of focus or directions,  and it is based on what are some of my longer range goals and intentions are for my life. 

Here is the thing, if you do not set intentions for your life, you will be swayed by the winds of another person, their needs, agenda and direction.  And, chances are, they will differ from your own. Intentions are like setting your roots in the ground, standing for the things you desire and want in your life.  Without having a day each week to re-evaluate and reset, each week goes by on autopilot. You are not plugged in to what matters in your life. 

So what does a reset day look like:

It begins with quiet reflection.  One hand on my heart before getting out of bed.

It has ritual involved, lighting a candle, picking an affirmation card, meditating.

It wipes the slate clean from the week’s past.  A start fresh approach to life.

It develops the intentions that you wish to set for yourself, written down and committed to.

It is compassionate, to self.  It forgives the past and moves forward with new motivation.

Implementing a reset day with ritual and attention can be a game changer in life.  In partnership, it can set the tone for loving connections.  

Live the life you desire,

Christie Gause-Bemis,  CEO Hot Pink YOUniversity, Co-author of Ignite Your Life


Christie Gause-Bemis