Hot Pink YOUniversity combines psychology and research along with life experiences to create mentoring and guidance for women to remove blocks and limitations that are holding back their lives. Often spending a life-time of caring for others, putting the needs of others ahead of our own, we are left with a disconnect to our passions and our purpose. What if you could get your dreams back to your to-do list? What if your pleasure was on your calendar, every week? What if you had the energy to say yes to that which you desire now?

That is what Christie Gause-Bemis, a licensed psychotherapist provides for each and every woman she guides and mentors. The answers are made clear, old stories are changed to new ones and through the Hot Pink YOUniversity system of tools and techniques, you shed your insecurities and move forward with confidence and support.

Our Vision and Our Mission

Hot Pink YOUniversity is the vision of Christie Gause-Bemis and Ann Murgatroyd-Soe. After years of working with women in psychotherapy and hearing their stories, discovering their hidden desires, Ann and Christie created Hot Pink YOUniversity for women to have a virtual campus of learning. Teaching women how to create a life, not based on society’s standards, but based on their own powerful feminine essence and wants.

A woman ignited. A woman living Out Loud. A woman on fire!

This woman creates attraction energy around her. She is a manifesting magnet to draw in what lights her up. In turn, she sparks others to do the same!

Our Mission is to empower women to reignite their desires.  

Passion.  Purpose.  Play.  Pleasure.

Women are biologically wired to caretake.  It is in our nature.  It is innate.  However, society has created a culture of how that should be done.  And, it is often at the sacrifice of our desires.  It is at the sacrifice of our health and wellness.  It is at the sacrifice of our dreams.

And, it does not have to be that way.  When women learn that through their pleasure, they have more to give to others, thus fulfilling their primal desires to care for others, they can give from a place of balance.  When women learn that by stoking their own fires and passion, they will then inspire others in their lives to do the same, we create healthier relationships and richer lives.  

Hot Pink YOUniversity is for YOU.  For YOUR pleasure.  For YOUR passions to come alive.

Now, with Ann retiring from this work in 2019, Christie is moving forward with the work and taking it to that next level.



Christie Gause-Bemis


CEO and Co-founder of HPYOU

There has got to be something more...more joy, more love, more peace, more juice, more gratitude, more jazz and pizzazz... I am a believer in more. It is with gratitude of what I already have in life that I stand on and shout for "more". More for me and more for all of you, the sisters who join me on your own journey for more.

I am a writer, an artist, a mama, and a wife. I am a psychotherapist and entrepreneur. Above all, I am a woman. For many years I have been conducting women’s workshops, retreats and gatherings. Through Hot Pink YOUniversity, I joined with Ann in 2011, a gorgeous, joyful woman, to create gatherings, events, and conferences dedicated to fanning the flame that lies within each one of us. I am so very excited to continue in my own growth, share what I know, learn what each one of you know and join together in supportive succulence to gather our power as women.  Healing the our lives, while we heal the world also.

Christie is a graduate of UW-Madison and UW-Milwaukee. She has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 2005.  She owns Bemis Psychotherapy and Consulting.  Additionally, Christie has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the counseling field. She is the creator of The Busy Woman's Retreat and Soup and Soulfood. She has lead numerous workshops and retreats on empowering women to live limitless lives. Christie expresses herself through art and writing.  As an avid traveler, Christie has had the opportunity to travel with Jana Stanfield, singer/songwriter, and volunteer in Vietnam and Bali. Christie is an on-going graduate in the school of life. Favorite Quote: "If you do not live the life you believe, you will soon believe the life you live."