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Women enrolled with Hot Pink YOUniversity can access special offers and deals from some pretty special women…

Christie Gause-Bemis

Christie Gause-Bemis

Meagan Raquel

Meagan Raquel

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Business Stilleto Camp

12 weeks, 6 modules

Business Stiletto Camp is taught by Christie Gause-Bemis and has helped support women to move from vision to driven in building and developing their own entrepreneurial endeavors.  This elective includes:

  • The Feminine Business Model

  • Two Bonus guest speakers: Karla Erovick (social media) and Mary Ann McNulty (sales)

  • Virtual classrooms and an E-playbook!

Christie has a passion for helping women go down the path of self-discovery through entrepreneurship. She owns her own psychotherapy and consulting business, as well as co-founding and co-operating the work of Hot Pink YOUniversity. Studying for over two year with a business coach herself, Christie is able to simplify tasks like website building, creating and launching a transformational program and setting up systems in place to make business run smoothly.


Mindfulness, Movement, Nutrition

30 Days

Meagan will take participants through a 30 day program to rebalance and reset your body. As an avid fitness guide and maintainer of life-long healthy habits, Meagan is passionate about guiding others to do the same. She has created this program, along with two follow-up sessions, to set women on their way to better habits and choices.

  • Learn daily mindfulness practices

  • Develop movement and exercises that work for you

  • Assess your current eating habits and create new ways to feed your body what it needs 


Course Title:  Pioneering Women in Pelvic Health

Self-study with Dr. Earlynda

  • Learn basic pelvic anatomy including the muscles and internal organ placement.

  • Learn what is considered “normal” for good pelvic and vaginal health versus what is “common.”

  • Learn 3 ways to improve your pelvic and vaginal health now.  

Dr Earlynda Heuszel, DPT is a 2003 graduate of Des Moines University’s Physical Therapy Program.  She is also a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology in 2000.  

She has received her American Physical Therapy Association Section on Women’s Health CAPP certification in OB and is writing her case report for her CAPP certification in pelvic floor.  

In recent years, Earlynda has become well versed in women’s health.  Women’s health issues can include pelvic pain, fecal or urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, pelvic organ prolapse (sensation of something falling out), dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse), treatment following breast cancer and pregnancy related concerns.  

Earlynda’s passion for these issues, combined with her ability to create an open and comfortable learning environment, have resulted in very successful outcomes for her clients.  

Earlynda’s interest in women’s health began at her first incontinence course as a new physical therapist.  She learned that losing any amount of urine at any time was not normal but very common. Her stress incontinence started in physical therapy school after having a severe case of pneumonia.  She was coughing so hard and so frequently, she strained her pelvic floor muscles. She never considered herself to have incontinence because she would only loose one or two drops of urine when she had a bad chest cold.  She kept telling herself “I don’t have incontinence.” Earlynda’s interest turned into a passion the more she learned and began to control her symptoms, realizing that many other women were in the same situation she was in.  They had problems that were believed to be a normal part of aging and believed they had to live with.

“I believe that women need to be educated about their bodies, including pelvic and vaginal health.  Many women believe that it is normal to leak urine after having a child or that it is normal to experience painful sexual intercourse after menopause.  Both situations are common, but that are not normal.” Dr Earlynda Heuszel, DPT


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