What is HPYOU?

Hot Pink YOUniversity mentors, supports and provides tools for women to live the life they desire now.

  • Ready to plug back in to pleasure and play?

  • Get "unstuck" as you kick start your personal and life goals

  • Receive powerful support as you create a hot and juicy life

  • Tap into YOUr bliss

Christie has personally worked with hundreds of women in her psychotherapy practice and in her work with Hot Pink YOUniversity since its start in 2011 to increase their personal potential.  Through expertise and loving support, you too will create the life you always dreamed of having.

The Activate Your Potential Program will transform your life!

Tired of making goals and never getting them to success, whether it is how you feel about your body or relationships or your job, you seem to only get so far?

Feeling alone in your personal journey?

Spending too much time feeling dim, unplugged, a lack of spark in life?

What if six months from now you could go from dim to on fire? From unplugged to electrified?  From darkness to an inferno? I believe you can, and I have seen others do it. But, you don't have to do it alone...

This level of intensity and accountability is what you need to create a life of out loud living!


For Enrollment or information:

We would love to talk with you during a free Advisory Appointment.

We open enrollment into the virtual classroom of Hot Pink YOUniversity once a year!  Women from all over the world can access the proprietary curriculum developed by Hot Pink YOUniversity called Woman on Fire.  Our curriculum covers:

  • Limitless Beliefs

  • Manifesting Desires

  • Sexuality and Sensuality

  • Taking Risks

  • Creating a Supportive Sisterhood

  • A Hot Pink Money Mindset

  • Cultivating Your SuperPower

  • Spirituality

  • Pleasure 101

  • Confidence

  • Forgiveness

  • And more....

Listen to what women have to say about Hot Pink YOUniversity

Building your tribe!

What's Included in HPYOU?

Enrolling in Hot Pink YOUniversity is a 6-month program. It is designed for women to focus intensively on an area of her life she desires growth: relationships, entrepreneurship, making a change, dating again. Christie provides support and mentoring through a step-by-step process.

Month 1 Clearing away limiting beliefs and creating new stories that support our growth

Month 2 Pleasure mapping and finding our passions

Month 3 Finding your superpower…and, it is probably not what you think

Month 4 Saying Yes…supporting women to take a leap, comfort zone busting

Month 5 Knowing your purpose and connecting this with your passions

Month 6 The Power of your Sisterhood, finding healthy relationships that support your growth


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with This One Step..

Investing in ourselves, our futures is hard as women.  We save up for our kids colleges, help support a friend, contribute to a charity...but in us!  No Way!  That is selfish and a luxury, right?!

We are here to say...ENOUGH!

Enough in putting yourself last on your to-do list.

Enough in saying "someday".

Enough in making it somehow wrong to want something more, something for yourself.

Enough in saying "no" to your desires!

Yes, it is an investment to study with the women of Hot Pink YOUniversity.  And, here is how that investment pays off:

  • Women report greater satisfaction with their relationships with partners, children (young and adult), friendships and co-workers

  • There is a deeper connection to what lights them up and makes their lives feel full of purpose, which then carries out into other aspects of their lives!

  • Women who are in a profession or operating entrepreneurial prospects report greater focus and direction in their lives.

If you are even remotely curious about what this next year could mean for you, connect with our staff and explore what might be possible for you!

Bonuses for our Hot Pink YOUniversity Women

Free Access

Brave Woman Summit Package

Over 20 interviews with brave women, living a life on fire for all of the tips and tools you receive from the experts on our panel. (Worth $297)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Is enrollment into Hot Pink YOUniversity worth the time and the money?

This is up to every individual woman who enrolls...where are you now? And where would you like to be a year from now? What are you willing to do to move that dream forward?  Enrolling into 6 months of study of your life and your desires will only lead to good things.  Many women go through life on autopilot and are doing "just fine", Hot Pink YOUniversity is for women who are no longer okay with that!  Women who know that there is something bigger, better and more joyful.  Women report greater relationship satisfaction, higher earnings and moving forward with their dreams following their work with Hot Pink YOUniversity.  There is a decrease in feelings of overwhelm and chaos in their lives.  And, an increase in living with intention, moving outside of comfort zones and creating a life she desires NOW!

I've been to therapy before, will this help me emotionally?

Though Christie is seasoned psychotherapist with over 16 years of private practice, enrolling in Hot Pink YOUniversity is not therapy.  It does not take the place of the need for therapy for some or the work you have done in the past. What it will do is reinforce the healthy messages a therapist may give or has given.  It will kick it up a notch!  You get their expertise in working with women and then some!  Tools and tips will be shared abundantly to support your emotional well-being!

Hot Pink Line.jpg

I feel like I am all over the place, chaos and overwhelm, should I wait to enroll until I am really clear on what I want and what I desire?

Emphatically, NO!  That is the beauty of the program and the tribe that is created.  You get to show up as is.  And, we love you up and accept you in all your imperfect beauty!  In fact, that is why we love you!  Your vulnerability is gorgeous!  So, come on in, sit in the Hot Pink arms of love.

Where does this take place?

Mostly from the comfort of your own home and within the current parameters of your life.  Coaching, classrooms and connections with sisterhood are done on-line or by phone or zoom technology.  The gathering that takes place once a year is done in Wisconsin(or a location to be announced) and is planned well in advance.  Hot Pink Women are encouraged to clear obstacles to get there!  That is where some of the deepest magic happens!  You will get logistical information on where and when upon enrollment!

How much time will this take?

That is up to you a bit!  Classrooms are virtual and once a month for 60 minutes.  Each coaching session with Christie are about 45 minutes in length.  There is a support call once a month which is 60 minutes.  The rest is up to you in reading and weaving the curriculum and activities into your life.

What are you waiting for? Enroll today!