Specialized coaching for Back to the Body

Having been a participant to Back to the Body: Sensuous Retreats for Women myself and continuing to support the work of Pamela Madsen, I know first hand what is happening for women and their connection to body. As a psychotherapist for the past 16+ years, I have been a witness to women struggling with body disconnect, struggles with libido, the aging process and how it messes with our minds as women, and more. These 6 coaching sessions are offered to you over the course of the next 3-6 months to get you back in touch with your body. It begins with a personalized assessment of your needs and a free 30 minute personal planning session with Christie. We than map our your pleasure plan based on the needs we identify together.


What would it take to feel reconnected to your body ?

Photo credit: JonGunnar, Portugal 2017

How does it begin?

We begin with a free 30 minute consultation to assess your needs and our fit together to do this work. Coaching is a commitment and investment in YOU. From that 30 minutes, we decide when and how we would work together and map out a plan that might include the following:

  • Use of relaxation skills to get back into the body through visualization

  • Understanding triggers and the brain science behind those triggers

  • Exploring desires

  • Relationship assessment and communication with significant other

  • Tools and techniques to create increased awareness of you body

  • Healing trauma to get the best BTTB experience

Photo Credit: JonGunnar

Photo Credit: JonGunnar

My Story

I met Pamela Madsen when she was a guest on our Hot Pink YOUniversity Brave Woman Summit in the Spring of 2016. I was so intrigued by the comfort she had in her body and the work that she was doing with women. I share a bit of my own relationship with my body in our book Ignite Your Life: Live Life with Passion, Purpose and Play. In 2003 I had my last baby, breastfed for 2 years and then, at the age of 35, never got my period back. I was in early menopause and the realization of that, the impact on sexuality/sensuality and my erotic being were real and raw.

Through learning more about your body, healing pains and past trauma and having a conversation with her…we can stay connected to our bodies…all of her glorious parts.

Photo Credit: Maya Bemis

Photo Credit: Maya Bemis

Christie Gause-Bemis

I am a mama, a wife, a step-mama and grandma, a writer, an artist, a daughter, an auntie and a friend. I live my life with passion and purpose. Striving to seek joy and pleasure. I have practiced as a psychotherapist for over 16 years and love that work. Through Hot Pink YOUniversity I get to extend my offerings to women beyond the clinical walls. Many women want to seek joy and pleasure and greater fulfillment in their lives. Coaching allows me to use my training as a psychotherapist, my own life stories and experiences, and create some incredible content, tools and strategies for women to use. I love to create art, write, kayak, boat, hike and travel. Creating a life I desire NOW, not someday, is my mission!

Individualized Coaching for Back to the Body
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Individualized Coaching for Back to the Body

6 Sessions with Christie Gause-Bemis to get back into your body. It begins with a free 30 minute session before you make any commitment. An individualized plan will then be offered for our work together over the next 3 to 6 months. This package and the material are only offered to the women referred by Back to the Body.

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