All Monday Mini-Labs are 6:00pm - 8:30 pm...Virtually or in Madison, Wisconsin

How to Find Your Sweet Spot in Your Personal Story

September 10

Balancing Vulnerability, Connecting with Your Audience and Teaching Information

It takes special finesse to lead and be of service to your audience through the use of personal stories.  No longer are we able to stand in front of our audience and simply regurgitate information.  We need to be able to connect and be vulnerable.  It is a balancing act!  How do you share a piece of you while still maintaining your composure and teach?

In this class you will:  learn how to dig from your past to cultivate the golden nuggets of your journey, learn the arc of a story from start to finish by following several story telling templates, practice your story (in-person), find the sweet spot in each story, connect your story with your audience's journey and use your story to teach your program or content.  

Designing Effective Opt-Ins and Building Your List

September 17

Opt-Ins are ways to make a stranger, someone who does not know your work, into an acquaintance and potential costumer.  This class will teach you how to design a variety of opt-ins:  e-books, to webinars, to recorded classrooms, to audio, meditations, assessments and quizzes.  You get to choose a modality or several, that supports your content and work you desire to do.  This class can be taken in person in Madison, Wisconsin or virtually!  


In this class you will learn:  How to take your content and share it in an interesting way, how to drive people to your opt-in and build your list, which modality to choose and why, how to connect your opt-ins to your social media sites.


Testimonial from Past Monday Mini-Lab Participants:

"I have facilitated workshops, programs and trainings for over 20 years in my career and Christie's mini-labs offered many great take-aways.  I left a better presenter than when I arrived."  

~Melissa Blettner, CEO of Dream Big Academy and Leader of FemCity Madison, (participant in Designing a Signature Talk, Creating a Program that Sells, and Creating a Workshop that Transforms)

"Christie really helped me clarify my goals while creating my program and workshop.  She helped me focus on the specifics of my courses and promoted collaboration with the other women in my Mini-Lab."

~Participant in Designing a Signature Talk, Creating a Program that Sells, and Creating a Workshop that Transforms

"This (Mini-Lab) enabled me to get focused on a way to create a team building event.  I loved the accountability and friendships created"

~Sue-z Schwab, WorldVentures