Re-Launch: Hot Pink YOUniversity's Rebirth & Renew

Starting Over

Not an easy concept.

Yet, I work with women everyday on their starting over stories.

When Ann decided to leave Hot Pink YOUniversity the past year, obviously I went through a lot of my own stories: fear, abandonment, loss, rejection. The stories we make up about our lives and some of which are true; but, just as many are not. And, just like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’s work on grief, I went through the stages.

In Shock and Denial for awhile, while I just kind of put nose to the grindstone and trudged on forward. Survival. It is what I knew. An old friend come to revisit again.

Then Bargaining. First with Ann…if I just took over this part of the business and made it easier, would she stay? If I rebranded would it work? If I just moved forward independently on the things I loved: speaking, helping women entrepreneurs build their businesses and workshops could I make myself happy enough? And, collaborating with other women because I could not possibly do it alone? Yet, finding other women falling short as well for me and for my expectations…really, in hindsight, it was a self-sabotaging endeavor filled with my own doubt that I was enough, just me.

Then the feelings of anger, which for me looks like total and complete shut down and shut off. I just focused on other things in my life. The things that were easier. The things that took the sting away. I let myself move through these stages, fully aware it was going to happen and that they needed to happen at their pace, as they could unfold. There was no making these stages, these feelings happen quicker.

And onto Confusion and Sadness, I’ve been hanging out there the longest, trying to decide: Do I move forward with Hot Pink ? Dissolve it completely? Start something new? I gave myself 6 months to make that decision. 6 months to really feel into things and decide, did I even like Hot Pink YOUniversity any more? Do we need to break up?

Into Acceptance, which has been kind of an interesting place. A little surreal. A little exciting for what might come. The word that comes to the surface, pun intended here as I like a good play on words, PERCOLATING.

I was Percolating the next step. Letting the thoughts and ideas rise to the surface. Ebb and flow. Come as they could. I always know I am Percolating a strong brew when I wake at 3:30am with ideas flowing out of me and grab my notebook to capture what is coming out.

Hot Pink YOUniversity began with Ann, how could it go on with just a one woman show? The whole concept was about the beauty of two women, a set of ideas on how women do best in life to live in their passions, carried out in different ways through our stories.

I’ve got something to say.

When you realize you have something to say. And, that it matters. And, that if you don’t say it. You shut it down. Make it not matter. You have created the deepest kind of disconnect from self there is.

And, I’ve got something to say…a lot of somethings!

About life, love, commitment, parenting, creating, surrender, boundaries, relationships, feelings, the brain, our bodies, our vaginas, careers, entrepreneurship, sisterhood, self-care, self-love, self-compassion, travel, nature, men, growing older, finding your voice, staying true to yourself, collaborating, communication-you get the picture…there’s a lot there. And, I am ready. And, excited. And, scared… all at once.

So, without getting hung up on the details, watch for it…it is coming out!

I loved what Ann and I created with Hot Pink YOUniversity. And many of you did as well, our tribe. I miss my strong collaboration and the kind of sisterhood Ann and I had through our incredibly creative vibe off one another to bring you…our true sisterhood tribe, some pretty kick-ass events, travel, programs and retreats, oh yeah and the book, Ignite Your Life…that too was pretty cool to co-author!

As Ann and I create a new sisterhood that is more so filled with drinks over a campfire or floating on a boat, shared laughs and cries over parenting and care taking and life, new travel adventures and future shared collaborations that may unfold in new and different ways; yes, there is still a strong and powerful reverence and love for one another, see you can say good-bye to what was, to open the relationship to what’s next.

As we do all that, I am holding the flame now. I see that as an incredible honor and duty to you all. One that I am gratefully ready for.

Because I’ve got some powerful things to say.

Christie Gause-Bemis, Co-Author of Ignite Your Life: Live Life with Passion, Purpose and Play and Owner of Hot Pink YOUniversity, where women discover how to live the life they desire now. Owner of Bemis Psychotherapy and Consulting. And overall Kick A**-make-it-happen woman. Grab your free copy of Manifest the Life You Desire Now E-Book.


Celebrating some pretty kick a** times!

You can say good-bye in good ways.


Our last Hot Pink Meeting

Such good times…

Christie Gause-Bemis