Now What? When life throws a curveball

Transformations, Shifts and Changes….

Lately, I have been facing a series of challenging news.  From the recent suicide of a family member’s sibling, to a health crisis with my sister-in-law, to the news of a childhood friend losing her father...all within a few weeks.  It makes me pause and reminds me of my own NOW WHAT? Moments.

Now What?

I remember leaving my sister’s funeral at the age of 26 and driving down the road to the reception.  We were at a corner to turn left onto a busy street and I was incredulous that life was just going on in front of me.  My world had come to a shattering halt of NOW WHAT? And these people were just driving along like nothing was changed. It took me years to learn how to  navigate life without my sister, finding my new normal. And some days, I feel as though I am still learning how to navigate my sisterless world.  


Then the years after that Now What?, my divorce and the painful journey of parting and dividing and splitting.


And, the transformations that are making the decision to go to graduate school when my son was three and graduating four years later with my newborn nursing daughter tucked behind my graduate gown, my NEW NORMAL.


I observe and support our clients with Hot Pink YOUniversity to navigate their own waters of NOW WHAT? Moments.  Decisions with their kids, developmental challenges of transitioning from a parent of a child, to the parent of an adult, I am facing my fifth one of those.  And, relationship changes, divorce, falling in love again, leaving a relationship and deciding to remain single. Career shifts, leaving a job that is less than fulfilling to pursue life’s purpose.  Growing a business!


Women simply amaze me.


It is true for me, that if I would have known what was ahead for me in the bend, the pains, losses and challenges, I think I would have turned back around and headed in a disconnected direction. Thinking that direction may be easier in some ways. I think many women do.


Life gets you or you get it. ~Ann


But, we don’t know what lies ahead, the good, the bad, the ugly...And, perhaps that is a very good thing.  It forces us to be one of two things: in a constant state of worry and bracing ourselves for what is next, never truly enjoying the now.  Or, nestling into the present moment, with assuredness that it will all work out, we will land on our feet, and things are happening for us, not to us.  


This “nestling in” is not a passive state, mind you.  I am not suggesting that you sit back and hope for the best in manifesting the vision you have for your life.  It is a combination of surrender and letting go of the control over things which you have no control over (I know that is a hard thing for many of us to grasp). And, the balance of active participation and intentional living in life.  The things we do have control over are plentiful if we take a look at them:


  • How I spend my time, my energy, and some of my money (after all, there are bills to pay)

  • How I show up to the people in my life, regardless of how they choose to show up to me

  • Not taking things personally

  • Not judging others

  • Being compassionate with myself

  • Taking intentional actions each day towards my goals

  • Loving myself

And many more.  If we make the concerted effort to focus on these and surrender all others, navigating the Now What? Waters has a little more ease.  


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Christie Gause-Bemis, co-founder of Hot Pink YOUniversity and co-author of Ignite Your Life: Live Life with Passion, Purpose and Play.  To learn more about Hot Pink YOUniversity visit


Christie Gause-Bemis