What if 6 Weeks from Now YOUR Life Changed for the Better?

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A Virtual Course for women

It is time to Activate Your Potential

Define what holds you back

Move out of Decision Paralysis

Work with your brain to rewire and access possibilities

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If your like most women, you have a story. A story that is holding you back. A story that is causing you more pain and limits your success.

Whether you are wanting to create stronger and healthier relationships with family and friends

Or, create more possibilities in your career and work life

This 6 week course will teach you the foundations of living an Ignited Life

With the support of Christie Gause-Bemis and a sweet collection of other women desiring the same…more joy, more fulfillment, deeper connections

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Author, artist, mentor and psychotherapist, Christie Gause-Bemis has over 20 years of experience supporting women of all ages, stages and transitions live their best lives.


This course is being offered at a totally affordable price, because I want to support as many women as possible to Ignite their Potentials and increase the skills and tools needed to do just that!

only $47 (valued at $397)

Your 6 Week Course begins when you purchase and Includes:

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All participants will join Christie live for group discussion and question and answer time. You will be supported by your other sisters and gain direct access to Christie’s knowledge, live!

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All material will be available to you for life. 6 weeks of tools and techniques, done-for-you checklists and forms and all program information at your fingertips

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All classes are recorded and released weekly, you work at your pace and complete the module each week. The modules stay available to you for life.


Only $47

I wanted to make this super affordable and an easy YES for you all

Women generally undervalue themselves

Women also overvalue their own worth in how others are doing, losing sight on how they are doing

Woman also create themes and stories to live by, not realizing these actually limit their potential

And, women can work with their brains, rewire neural pathways to support their desires

All within a community of other women doing the same, because that’s how women roll

What if you could live the life you desire now, not someday?

“Women…YOU are the greatest untapped resources on the planet. I want each and every woman to truly understand her greatness. To stop measuring herself by comparisons, judgments of others, boxes society creates and what someone else thinks she should be doing, being, or having. Listen up. Now is your time. Not someday, when all the stars align, everyone else is happily tucked into their lives and all is in order. I want you to have what you want now, in all of life’s messiness and tangles. I want you to live an Ignited Life.” ~Christie Bemis, Hot Pink YOUniversity