Hot Pink Business Stiletto Camp is for Women who...

  • Want to turn their vision into successful businesses

  • Have a desire to balance business with family and fun

  • Know that it is now or never to realize their dreams!

  • Want to enroll their first client by the end of the program

Listen to what Nicole Gruter, creator of positive space, has to say about the results of 12 weeks in the Business Stiletto Camp

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Join Christie of Hot Pink YOUniversity and learn the tools and techniques that have been used to create a successful and fun business without sacrificing what makes us unique as women!

6 Complete Modules

Done for YOU Checklists

Recorded Classrooms

3 Mentoring Sessions with Christie to Turn Your Vision to Reality

3 Bonus classrooms with marketing specialist, MaryAnn McNulty

and Social Media expert, Karla Erovick

Ann Murgatroyd Soe

 A Woman will learn:

  • The Hot Pink Feminine Business Model
  • The 10 Keys to Creating a Successful Business without Burn Out
  • Connecting Your Business with Your Greater Purpose
  • Time Management and Balance Strategies Working with Your Feminine Energy Levels
  • And, Removing Blocks, Limitations and Resistance
Business Stiletto Camp
  • 6 Complete Modules
  • Done for YOU Checklists
  • Virtual Classroom
  • 1:1 Support with Christie in 3 Mentoring Sessions
  • Work at Your Pace Over 12 Weeks
  • Supportive Tribe with Private Facebook Page
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Business Stiletto Camp Package

Meet the Women of Hot Pink YOUniversity

The Women of Hot Pink YOUniversity

Ann Murgatroyd-Soe and Christie Gause-Bemis, Authors of Ignite Your Life, Live Life with Passion, Purpose and Play, and Co-Creators of Hot Pink YOUniversity.

Two bodacious broads teaching women to live a life they desire now!  As psychotherapists, Ann and Christie have created tools and techniques to take women from overwhelm and disconnect to live out loud and on fire.  As business women, Ann and Christie have worked with women to create a business from vision to reality with tools and techniques that have worked for them!


Social Media Bonus Information

Karla Erovick shares two bonus calls with Stiletto Campers.  Her secret tips and tools for managing your social media in 15 minutes a day and more!

Selling Super Powers Bonus call

MaryAnn McNulty, MBA of Superpowers for Solopreneurs shares her top secrets for sealing the selling deal, while still staying authentic and true to your product and message.  This is a deep dive into sales and building your relationships. 

The Modules:

Module One:

  • Limitless Beliefs

  • 10 Hot Pink Core Business Beliefs

  • Intention Setting for the 12 weeks

  • Launch Goals for September

  • Connecting with Your Indulgent Why

  • Sexy Science to Work with Your Energy Levels and Flows as a Woman

Module Two:

  • Defining Your Hot Pink Divine Right Clients

  • Aligning Your Business with Your Life Purpose

Module Three:

  • Time Management to Snuff Out Burn Out

  • Money Clearing and Hot Pink Profit Pyramids

  • Speak to Reach Tools

Module Four:

  • Designing Your Brand

  • List Building Strategies

  • Creating Your Elevator Speech to Communicate Your Message

Module Five:

  • Working with Your Feminine Flow of Energy

  • Moving from Vision Energy to Action Energy

  • Self-Sabotage and Resistance Busting

Module Six:

  • Removing Blocks to the Next Business Level

  • Checklists on What to Prepare for Your Launch

  • Action with Support

Add On VIP Premium Package Camp:  Desire to dive in deeper for your vision and your business.  Enroll as a VIP Stiletto Camper and get a half day mentoring opportunity with Christie.  This half day session is individually designed for your needs:

Create a Sexy, Client Attracting Talk

Develop a Signature Program for Your Clients

Launch Marketing Plans That Fill Your Events and Programs

Solutions to Common Business Building Blocks

And, choose!

Business Stiletto Camp
  • 6 Complete Modules
  • Done for YOU Checklists
  • Virtual Classroom
  • 1:1 Support with Christie in 3 Mentoring Sessions
  • Work at Your Pace Over 12 Weeks
  • Supportive Tribe with Private Facebook Page
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Business Stiletto Camp Package

The Stiletto Camp is designed for women to work at their own pace over 12 weeks, with a clear commitment to build a business of their dreams.  You could spend the next 12 weeks diving into your business and avoid...

  • Visioning a life you desire, with no action towards it

  • Spending time and energy on designing events and programs without filling it with clients

  • Spinning your wheels and moving into quitting or burnout!

  • Feeling unsupported and isolated

  • Spending money on other programs with no real results

Testimonials from Previous Hot Pink Stiletto Camp Participants:

"Business Bootcamp has more recently played a significant role in my process. Being an entrepreneur and starting a new business is new for me and has not come easily.  The self driven program modules of Bootcamp are well designed and the audio/video counterparts add an extra level of impact and understanding.  The most poignant piece of the program for me though was the private VIP coaching sessions I added on with Christie.  The Archetype exercise in particular was really powerful and was the final validating piece I needed to solidify for myself that I am on exactly the right course in life.  I gained a deeper awareness of myself and how I operate in the world, and, how I can use that to my advantage in my work. Christie is also masterful at excavating one’s thoughts, beliefs, and desires and word-smithing them into beautiful statements and content that resonate with clarity and inspiration.  I was struggling with some of that on my own and I intend to use what evolved from our sessions as part of my website content and language in my business.  All essential elements in my professional transformation.  I’m grateful to Christie for sharing her expertise and gifts in this way, and I’m grateful to myself for saying “Yes” to the Bootcamp and extra private coaching."  ~Alyssa Clare ~ Holistic Wellness Mentor  Email:

"Listening to Module 1 of Business Bootcamp and listening to Christie, my mind was blown and to say that I am excited for everything that she has to teach us is an understatement! I am a wife and new mother... I want to run my business right. Right by my clients, right by my family, and right by me... Which leads to my (indulgent) WHY.. I want to be able to have the financial freedom to be able to stay home with my daughter while passionately sharing about the 100% natural skin care line or professional grade make-up. I want to be able to one day decide, "Hey, I want to take Elba to the Dells to the waterparks" or "I want to do a mommy and me spa day with Elba today". ~Charlenn Regensburner, Beauty Guide for Limelight by Alcone

"My Indulgent Why: We underestimate what we can do in five years. This hit home. Five years ago I NEVER would have imagined I could be here, in this life, living like I am. With a young family and a roller coaster of changes, I'm just starting to understand what my life might look like when I'm grown up. The ideas of my business are just starting to take shape and my goals are very long term. But my WHY is present. My WHY is for my family. I want my children to have daily memories of me. I want to take them to school, be at the class play, little league and piano lessons. I want to be active in their lives. I don't want them to know their daycare lady better then me. My WHY is my husband who devotes every ounce of his being to supporting and loving his family. My WHY is my passion for creativity, knowing I need an outlet beyond my family to let my passions flow. My WHY is having the strength and perseverance to find balance and have it all, knowing I'm worth it!" ~Leah Stammeyer,