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Power of Play: June 21

Soup & Soulfood For Spring: 2nd Thursday of the month

Girls Night Out: 4th Thursday of the month

Hot Pink Travel Trip: Oct 2014

Master YOUr Life:  Late 2014


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A smokin' HOT life.  We all want it!


A woman who throws herself into her own fire and the center of her YOUniverse is a woman who will radiate heat, love and joy with everyone and everything she touches. A turned on woman turns on the universe!


At Hot Pink YOUniversity we will give you the combustible juice to ignite a life of passion, pleasure, prosperity and vibrant health.


Hot Pink YOUniversity is education of the highest order for women!
So, are you ready?!  Strap on your heels BABY, you're in for the ride of your life!

"...we need to surround ourselves with a powerful tribe of like-minded women, women who have our back in life, women who know us deep down and still love us!" - Hot Pink YOUniversity Naked to Adorned Playshop
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